Aston RDTA by Alliancetech Vapor

Aston RDTA - Alliancetech Vapor.

You must have realized that over time, Phileas shares a passion with the AllianceTech team. It is therefore with pleasure that we put the last of the bunch in the spotlight: the Aston RDTA, worthy successor to the famous Flave Tank!

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Aston RDTA by Alliancetech Vapor

After the Aston RDA - small dripper - and the latest, - a RTA version in the era of time - here is the RDTA version, worthy replacement of the famous Flave Tank!

Complete packaging

We are used to the small velvet pouch bearing the name of the atomizer, the Aston Vape brand and the notification designed by AllianceTech Vapor. We are also interested in the atomizer under a bell that we are always eager to discover. The RDTA comes with by a multilingual manual, a screwdriver, spares (orings, screws,bottom feeder pin) and a spare PSU tank. It's complete, and more than enough.

An RDTA to your liking (inevitably!)

This is a 22mm diameter atomizer, small in size for a tank. The Aston RDTA is offered in two versions, SS or Black. The black version has undergone a surface treatment. The top cap consists of the body, with visible airflow, an over-top cap and a short drip tip.

As an option, a premium spare bag with the Delrin top cap and sets of drip tips and on topcap will allow you to put your RDTA to your liking.

A proven mechanism

We find the characteristic plate of Aston Vape / AllianceTech Vapor with pleasure: the central trench, axes to guide your coil on the sides, the two positive and negative poles and a system of jaws for the coil. This is a very easy to use mono-coil plate. The base is very thin with a peek insulator and an o-ring. The joints are perfectly adjusted and the pyrex tank is well maintained. The airflows are a little larger than those of the Aston RDA and can be adjusted by simply rotating the top cap. The atomizer is delivered with a BF Pin for bottom feeder use as well. At the filling level, there is a cap (much larger than on the Flave RDTA to avoid losing it) to remove and we fill the tank directly. If naturally you use it as a bottom feeder, a simple pressure on your bottle will allow you to fill the tank.

Because everyone should have a good affordable RDTA

This is undoubtedly the main argument for succumbing to this Aston RDTA. But in addition to its excellent value for money, we could point out that:

- the vape is dense, tasty with a balanced airflow

- in the middle of all the MTL bottom coils Tanks of the moment, the Aston RDTA reminds us that the vape on the dripper has (very) good too

Technical features of Aston RDTA:

- RDA atomiser

- Made by Alliancetech Vapor

- Diameter: 22mm

- Height: 31mm

- Capacity: 2.1mm

- Simple Coil assembly

- Adjustable airflow

- Pin BF and not BF included


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