B5 boro mod - Sunbox

B5 boro mod - Sunbox

Past Maestro in the design of electronic box and mechanical box, the Italian modder Sunbox offers a box at the crossroads. Its B5 Boro Mod, Boro Box as its name suggests, is equipped with a Mofset for an elegant, pleasant and... secure vape.

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Sunbox is certainly one of the most prolific and inventive modders in high-end vaping. Specialized in mechanical and electronic boxes, it offers the B5 box at the crossroads. Equipped with a Mofset, this Sunbox box offers a secure compromise for Boro Box enthusiasts.

The Sunbox Design

The design of the B5 box is reminiscent of the design of the famous Sunbox E7.5. Fans of the moder will see a wink. As usual, the Italian modder Sunbox offers us a box with original lines (so Sunbox) and an excellent grip. With its size 83 x 49 x 22, this boro box mini has everything to seduce you. It accommodates 18650 batteries (not supplied) and is compatible with all boro tanks on the market. This mofset box is made of PA12 Nylon. PA12 has good impact resistance, good dynamic friction properties and good wear resistance. It is therefore a choice of material designed to last, which is good for a resolutely endearing box.

A well thought out Box

The B5 box was designed to last and for optimal daily use. The battery change is done by simply removing the magnetic door. The latter also lets you see the liquid level of the tank. An appreciable point for dazed vapers ... and others. The B5 Sunbox also has an airflow system on the side for better airflow management. Finally, thanks to its 510 drip tip adapter, it can be used with any 510 drip-tip on the market (yes, your favorite too).

Mosfet Bomber Pro

The Mofset is a small electronic module providing additional security to your box. It brings a compromise between electronic box and mechanical box which Italian vapers are particularly fond of. The Mosfet Bomber Pro is an electronic protection against short - circuits (worst enemy of the full meca vaper) and battery degassing (worst enemy, period). So, if you are cautious about adapting a 100% mechanical box, the B5 box and its Mofset is an elegant, efficient, durable and secure solution.

Technical Features of Mosfet Bomber Pro :

- Fire on: Light color purple

- NO ATOM: Flashing blue light

- 3 click: ON / OFF (blue and red light flashing alternately 3 times)

- 5 click: Standby mode (LED goes out)

- Short circuit protection: flashing red light

- Low battery warning: Blue light on and red light flashing slowly

- Cut off protection: 2.54V, fast flashing red light and slow flashing blue light

- Puff time Protection: Maximum activation time of 12 seconds

- Reverse polarity protection


Technical features of B5 Boro Mod by Sunbox :

- Dimensions: 83 x 49 x 22mm

- PA12 Nylon

- Compatible with all boro on the market

- 18650 battery (not supplied)

- Delivered with Drip Tip 510

- Mosfet Bomber Pro

- Made in Italy

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