Eris Box DNA75C - Vicious Ant

Eris Box DNA75C - Vicious Ant

The new Vicious Ant box, the Eris Box, is as usual a High End electronic box with impeccable finishes and great elegance.

Box électronique   Electronic box / Chipset DNA75C by Evolv                                      Box accu   Single battery 18650/21700

Box puissance   Power : 1 - 75W

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Eris Box DNA75C - Vicious Ant

The ant delights us with a new high-end box, successor to the famous Duke. Both in terms of design and materials, Vicious Ant knows how to offer us original and explosive products. The Eris Box is no exception - an exceptional box in both design and design.


Vicious Ant: Masters of the High End

Made of Delrin, the Eris box is sober and elegant. The titanium top and bottom cap bring the little extra character to the famous Filipino box. The contacts are silver plated and the buttons are black delrin. The design is attractive and harmonious while the materials were not chosen at random. Aesthetics and durability: Vicious Ant has it all.


Ready for battle

This beautiful Eris box is powered by an equally high-end chipset, the much-loved (and rightly so) DNA75C chipset from Evolv. On the menu, many valuable features: color display, maximum power of 75W (to reach this high limit, plan for very good batteries with adequate amperage, 35A), micro USB, temperature control, and a lot of settings via the menu (mode eco, soft, power, etc...) - and an interesting customization via the Escribe software.

The silver-plated connectors prove that Vicious Ant has left nothing to chance to offer a high-performance high-end box. The battery door opens and closes by screwing, and allows you to adjust, if necessary, the maintenance of the battery.


Technical features of the Eris box DNA75C 21700/18650 by Vicious Ant:

- Electronic box

- Made by Vicious Ant

- Battery format: 21700 or 18650 depending on the version (not supplied)

- Size: 27x28x86mm (21700) or 34x25x81mm (18650)

- Made of Delrin, titanium

- DNA75C Chipset

- Power: 75W

- Temperature control

- For atomizer up to 24mm in diameter

- Silver plated contacts

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