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EYN by ElCigart: a Boro Box DNA60 in very mini format. Elcigart offers a very compact bi-material box (Delrin or Juma and SS 316L or Damascus) that is compatible with all boro atomizers on the market: "Everything You Need", a real promise.


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EYN: Everything You Need, the mini boro box from Elcigart

After having found success with its electronic box Prisma DNA75, a benchmark in its category, Elcigart put the machines in its workshop back on the road in favor of a Boro Box - EYN DNA60. The format is on the rise, in the wake of Billet Box. However, the Greek modder succeeds in pulling off the game with a well-thought-out, very compact EYN DNA60 box and - always - use of quality materials.


A very compact Boro Box

The EYN boro box by Elcigart surprises first of all with its size. Where the Billet Box offers an 89X54X21mm format, the EYN DNA60 displays an hourglass figure! 72.5X41X32mm without cutting back on benefits. Indeed, it embeds an Evolv DNA60 chipset and is compatible with all Boro atomizers on the market.

This difference in size is not trivial. Less heavy, less bulky, the Elcigart boro box is very pleasant to use. And good ergonomics remains a criterion of choice for everyday use.


A Boro Box in Delrin or Juma and Stainless Steel/Damascus

The EYN Box offers a bi-material design. The body is made of Delrin cut in the mass. It is dressed above and below two 316L stainless steel plates.

One side of the box is equipped with a magnetic door which allows you to insert your boro atomizer. It also accommodates the 316L switch and the DNA60 screen. The adjustment buttons, on the other hand, are located under the box in order to preserve the overall aesthetic, which is very successful.


A Boro Box DNA60 from Evolv

The DNA60 chipset from the American designer and manufacturer Evolv is no longer needed. It stands out for its reliability, range of functions and ease of use. Depending on the DNA60 chipset mode (power or temperature control) used, the screen displays the following information:

- The defined power (in Watts).

- The chosen heating temperature (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit) if you are using the temperature control

- The resistance value (in Ohms)

- The battery level

- The voltage delivered by the battery (in Volts)



Phileas Cloud's review

At Phileas Cloud, we particularly appreciate the compactness and handling of the Boro Box EYN which offers real added value in its daily use. In addition, despite its small size, the Elcigart box is compatible with all Boro atomizers on the market: CEO of MT Essentials, Vapesnail of Atmizoo, Crossbow, Limelight tank (etc.); a significant argument in its favor. “Everything you need” - it keeps its promises.


Technical characteristics of the Boro Box EYN from Elcigart:

- Electronic box

- Made in Greece by Elcigart

- DNA60 chipset

- Materials used: SS316L or Damascus, Delrin or Juma

- 18650 battery (non included)

- Dimension: 72.5x41x32mm

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