Haar DLC Black RTA by MT Essentials

HAAR 2020 RTA New Deck.

HAAR RTA is a collaboration betweenVan & Del Design and Todd's Reviews.


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HAAR 2020 RTA.

HAAR RTA is a collaboration between Van & Del Design and Todd's Reviews. For those to whom this does not speak, let us set the scene!

The most passionate vapers (and / or the oldest) will happily remember the beginnings of Van & Del. Specialized in Genesis, we owe them some of the most popular pieces of their time: Mini & Maxi genesis, Line, Line V2, Line LE, Silver Dog or even Silver Fox. So many names that delight us at Phileas Cloud and will delight all fans of the genre. More recently, you've obviously heard of Soul S and Poet, two dripper's BF or Theatro. Todd is one of the last "great" reviewers, one of the oldest still in activity. He has been surveying youtube since 2012, and is respected as such. Going from the rarest High End beginner's gear, no doubts, he masters his subject.

The name of the HAAR RTA comes from a sea fog that occurs on the east coast of Scotland. You will agree, it goes like a glove to an atomizer!
A little bit of technique!
The Haar is presented to us as a tank atomizer (RTA) bottom coil (resistance and atomization chamber on the bottom of the atomizer). Its size, 40mm high by 22mm wide, does not make it the smallest of atomizers, but its technical specifications require it. If only for the 4ml of liquids that you can load there.

The Haar is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, the O-rings in viton and the solers in peek. Black food grade silicone on the top cap for sealing, and a tank and the two PC1000 drip tips. Materials with high thermal resistance.
The logo you can see engraved in the tank and the AFC is a frequently used symbol representing a Haar.

Easy to use!

The Haar uses a coil irrigation system that has rained a lot recently, from above. Like the Integra, the Scylla or the Venom Tank, the liquid arrivals are just above the cotton.

The liquid flow control, allowing to close the arrival of juice authorizes the withdrawal of the tank (or the tray) with a full tank. And avoid untimely leaks!

Filling from the top is very easy. Unscrewing the upper part, and 4 large oblong holes emerge. You can use any type of bottle.

The plateau is closer in the idea of that of a dripper than a tank. A central trench welcoming the resistance with a guide for the establishment, important spaces to place the cotton, the 2 poles of each quoted, same for the airflow ..... a plate containing absolutely all the good things of the vape stamped 2020.

The precisely adjustable airflow leaves the choice to the user. Be sure, of course, to always couple the right airflow with adequate resistance and power. It allows you to go from an MTL (Mouth to lung, tight) to DL (direct lung, open) vape. Air openings are present on both sides of the atomizer (dimensions of the air holes: 1 x 1.6 mm / 1 x 1.4 mm / 1 x 1.2 mm). Two drip tips are provided depending on your use. One MTL (3.5 mm internal bore - 9.6 mm high) and one DL (6 mm internal bore - 7.6 mm high)

The packaging includes an Allen key, and all useful spares.

An attractive price

The vape is visibly entering a new era. This type of material, at this price, has not been possible on the so-called "High End" scene for a very long time. The Haar, to achieve this, is made in Hong Kong. But what he has, unlike many atomizers of major Asian brands, is the expertise and design of specialists. And this point changes everything. Like the Aston RTA recently, it is now possible to get the best vape at a more affordable price than ever.

Technical features of Haar RTA:

- Tank Atomiser

- Made by MT Essentials

- Diameter: 22mm

- Height: 40mm

- Capacity: 4ml

- Made of: Stainless Steel AISI 316L (body),PC1000 (tank and drip tip)

- Top fill

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