Vidar 21700 Delrin Black - Vicious Ant

Vidar 21700 Delrin Black - Vicious Ant

Vicious Ant's new box, the VIDAR Box lives up to the reputation of the famous Filipino modder. Impeccable finishes, an elegant design and top-of-the-range performance, this High End electronic boro box by Vicious Ant seduces visually and convinces in use.

Box électronique   Box électronique / Chipset DNA60 by Evolv                                      Box accu   Single accu 21700

Box puissance   Power : 1 - 60W

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Vidar 21700 Delrin Black - Vicious Ant


The ant delights us with a new high-end box, successor to the famous Duke. The march was high as the duke met with success. But, Vicious Ant knows how to offer us original and explosive products. The boro box Vidar is no exception both in terms of conception and design.

Vicious Ant: Masters of the High End

Vicious Ant is a well-known Filipino modder in the high-end vape scene. It is perhaps one of its spearheads and can boast of exemplary longevity. From the Cyclone RDA to the Variant Box or the Apex atomizer or the Primo box, the Filipino modder creates fashions and trends with iconic and demanding models.

A signature design

Vicious Ant is fond of bi-material designs. It must be said that they excel in alloys both from the point of view of finishes and aesthetics. Made of Delrin, the box has sober and elegant lines. The top and bottom cap in SS bring a "sporty" touch to the whole. The design of the Eris electronic box is attractive and harmonious while the materials were not chosen at random. Aesthetics and durability: Vicious Ant has it all.

Ready for the reign

In Norse mythology, Vidar was the son of Odin and the brother of gods like Thor, Heimdall and Baldur. Vidar is often translated as "great ruler" or "one who rules afar". Vicious Ant is one of the few modders that has lasted for ten years and has always offered us novelty and an alliance of different materials.

This Vidar box is no exception. First of all, it is powered by a well-known chipset, the popular DNA60 chipset from Evolv. On the menu, many significant features: color display, maximum power of 60XW (to reach this high limit, plan for very good batteries with adequate amperage, 35A), micro USB, temperature control, and a lot of settings via the menu (mode eco, soft, power, etc...) - and interesting customization via the Escribe software.

The silver-plated connectors prove that Vicious Ant has left nothing to chance to offer a high-performance high-end box. The battery door opens and closes by screwing, and allows you to adjust, if necessary, the maintenance of the battery. This allows for greater durability compared to clamshell systems.



Technical features of VIDAR DNA60 by Vicious Ant :

- Dimension : 46mm x 30mm x 87mm (100mm w/ Drip Tip)

- Single 21700 battery configuration
- Quick-release battery cap
- DNA 60 chipset by Evolv
- Black Delrin body
- Black Delrin Switch and Stainless Steel Buttons
- Black Delrin and PMMA Tank Shield
- New Stainless Steel VA Logo
- Stainless Steel Battery Tube
- Stainless Steel Top and Bottom Frame
- Stainless Steel Drip Tip (switchable to 510 Adaptor)
- Stainless 510 Adaptor (switchable to Drip Tip)
- Silver-plated contact
- Laser-engraved Serial Number

La box Vidar est livrée avec :
– Vidar Mod
– Drip Tip
– 510 Adaptor
– Panel Door

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