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The High End Vape


Since 2011, Phileas Cloud has been the benchmark for High End Vape. High End designates, in the field of electronic cigarettes, superior quality products. When it comes to high-end vape, it therefore refers to one or more of these criteria:


Innovation: From the beginning of the electronic cigarette, talented craftsmen have tried to offer better than mainstream products - still not very successful. Thus were born the Mods (MODified electronic cigarette) and with them, the modders. Pioneers or heirs to this movement, the modders we represent are committed to providing us with an optimal vaping experience.


Manufacturing quality: We are proud at Phileas Cloud to offer vaping products made in France, Germany, Greece or the United States. A box, a mod or an atomizer is not intended to be disposable and replaced according to fashions or wear too quickly. Machining and quality materials are guarantees of reliability and durability.


Rarity: Some modders, by choice or by constraint, offer confidential productions. Limited series to original designs, choice of exceptional materials or craftsmanship, some of the pieces (Box, mod, atomizers) that we offer are also distinguished by their rarity.





Our Partners 


From its inception, Phileas Cloud has distinguished itself by a rigorous and daring selection of mods and atomizers. Atmomixani and the Nemesis mod, Norbert and the Origen atomizer, JD Tech and the Stingray mod, Billet Box and the boro Box of the same name… They made the big and small stories of vaping at Phileas Cloud.


Today, we offer the biggest names in vaping in our catalog. SvoëMesto manufactures in Germany the reference for atomizers: the Kayfun. AllianceTech Vapor is a French brand (cocorico) of mods and atomizers made in France. Sunbox, Italian modder and ElCigart, Greek modder, both offer quality, reliable and innovative electronic boxes. Billet Box and its iconic boro Box are also at Phileas Cloud. Finally, the best cottons for vaping are available in your vape shop: Cotton Bacon, Cloud 9 but also Fiber n’Cotton - cotton for electronic cigarettes made in France.


Phileas Cloud is a small, dynamic and passionate team. We are keeping an eye out, as is our "Guest" section. It hosts a selection of remarkable modders. Box Mod, RTA, dripper, bridge atomizer, drip-tip, don't hesitate to take a look.


Phileas cloud is also a high end vape wholesaler of the biggest brands of electronic cigarettes: SvoëMesto, AllianceTech Vapor, Sunbox, ElCigart, Mission XV, MT Essential, Billet Box, Cotton Bacon, Cloud 9, Fiber n'Cotton ... Vape shops and Vape Wholesalers, find all our references on Phileas Cloud Pro - electronic cigarette wholesaler.