Mission XV : Passionate Vapers

Mission XV : Passionate Vapers

Mission XV - a story of enthusiasts

Today, we are going to talk about a manufacturer who is starting to secure a solid reputation in the small medium of the High End vape: Mission XV. Doesn't that sound familiar to you, like that, right away? Don't worry, there's still time to get to know it.

Behind Mission XV created in 2017 in Canada is actually a group of vapers. This collective of demanding enthusiasts comes together around one goal: to create equipment, and in particular atomizers, that meet their expectations and free themselves from the current offer in this field. A not so bad idea, when the majority of vapers experience the sometimes laborious 'trial and error' before finding the right equipment.

Their motto, “Designed with purpose and Function”, is the promise kept by MISSION XV with their line of products!



Mission XV begins its career in 2017 with the release of the KRMA RDA. The release of a classic dripper while bottom feeder drippers dominate is a bold choicex. Nevertheless, the KRMA RDA is illustrated by a modern conception and an original design, far from the beaten paths. Shortly after, Mission XV released a second dripper: the DAYWON RDA. The structure is quite different than the first one. Intended for a restrictive inhalation, the release of the DAYWON RDA is accompanied by a wide range of accessories (caps, drip-tip) to customize the dripper at will.

With an ever increasing fan base, Mission XV is starting a production of the KRMA GEN. A design close to the KRMA RDA and a tray in line with the DAYWON RDA, the KRMA GEN is a BF compatible RDTA. It is distinguished by a sober and very classy design, and an airflow system by very highly regarded plugs. The emphasis, once again, is placed on the customization and adaptation of the equipment at the service of the vaper. The KRMA GEN is an instant hit.

These three qualitative atomizers mark the promising debut of Mission XV on the high-end vape scene


Mission XV and the Billet Box saga

As you know, we at Phileas have long been fanatics of the Billet Box. We are not the only ones, perhaps you are too and, guess who? Mission XV!

Afficionados of the most famous boro box, it is only natural that Mission XV offers a dedicated atomizer, the KRMA Bridge. A tray inspired by Skyline RTA, 5 airflow plugs for very precise adjustment, ultra-simple installation, everything is there.

At the end of 2021, it was the Orbit that made the heyday of Billet Box and other Boro Box users (Zero Boro, Aspire BOXX, Ambition Mods 2.0 Boro mod). Made with quality materials, this single coil bridge atomizer offers direct or MTL inhaling. This resolutely high-end design allows Mission XV to hold its own in a very competitive bridge atomizer market.

In parallel, Mission XV offers a range of drip tips delivered with inserts to regulate the inhalation. Who said that the vaping experience was the obsession of the Canadian fashionistas?

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