Stuck atomiser: help!

Stuck atomiser: help!

 Everyone's had this problem when they get up early in the morning: the atomiser stays stuck on your mod or your top cap doesn't unscrew anymore.... You were too forceful when tightening it, the atomiser was left on the mod for too long... The screw threads seize up and this can drive you crazy... Atomiser stuck: help! 


 After you've got through the denial stage 



 then the anger stage... 




What's the solution for this (damn) atomiser stuck on this (damn) mod? 

Obviously this situation can't go on like this. Because it's your favourite set-up, because it's an expensive mod or atomiser, because you won't let a mechanical problem get the better of your vape today, you HAVE to fix the situation (and your atomiser). 

atomiseur coincé                    The freezer method 

This method consists of leaving your mod or atomiser in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then trying to unjam the parts by turning them. I also recommend you tap lightly on the side with some kind of solid object to try to unblock the screw thread. 

This technique works quite well. However, make sure you protect the vulnerable part with a cloth to avoid damaging it (the vaper's second-worst nightmare, after a stuck atomiser). 

 Winter is coming, (damn) atomiser... 


 The pliers and tools method 

atomiseur coincé gant mapa

For this method, you need to get out your toolbox and a bit of elbow grease. Arm yourself with a pair of pliers, a vice or something similar; the aim of the game is to unblock your mod or atomiser by force. Although it's usually pretty effective (though not without a bit of muscle), this method is very likely to damage your equipment. So obviously, it's not my favourite one... 

If you decide to go ahead anyway, armed with your best tools, make sure you protect your precious mods and atomisers with a rag or some other protective object (like a dishcloth). 

Watch out for the mod, the atomiser and your fingers... 



 The sellotape method 

Okay, so this isn't really the ultimate solution, it's more of a tip... The tape allows you to hold down the parts of the mod or the atomiser which you don't want to move while you're trying to unstick it. Once you've done that, you can use your strength to turn it without having to worry about wasting your time because everything is spinning... you only want the atomiser to spin! 

While it's not foolproof, the tape "trick" can be helpful and it won't leave a permanent mark on your mod or your rebuildable atomiser. 


The jar opener method (My favourite) 

This method avoids the use of clamps so it reduces the risk of damage to your mod or rebuildable atomiser. Thanks to the grip of the rubber, you can easily unstick your mod. The offset handle also gives you quite a lot of power to turn it with. 


This gadget isn't pointless, or at least it isn't just good for opening cans... 

Like with every method, if it doesn't work, you can try lightly tapping your equipment perpendicular to the thread to try to unstick the thread. In short, as you may have guessed, this method is my favourite because of its effectiveness (it's never failed me!) and above all its respect for the products (there's no risk of marks or damage). 

A variant which I like for the same reasons: washing-up gloves, ideal for getting a grip on your mod. 


Rebuildable mod and atomiser - it's a guy thing, really 


Avoiding the stuck atomiser syndrome 

To avoid having to do all the exercises I've just described in the first place, there are a few precautions you can take. This won't completely save you from a stuck atomiser (mechanics is mechanics), but it significantly reduces the risk. An informed vaper... 

Maintaining your screw threads 

The screw threads are the sinews of war. Try putting graphite powder or a drop of pure VG on your screw threads to lubricate them and prevent friction... 

poudre graphite

A Mod and an atomiser: use them! 


The one mistake you shouldn't make is leaving your equipment for too long without using it. The atomiser stays attached to your mod and gets bored all on its own. As a result, the cogs seize up and it becomes impossible to unscrew it. 

When you're not using your equipment, please don't leave it in a set-up (mod+atomiser) but keep the parts separate. At the very least, don't screw the atomiser on fully. 

If you have other tips and tricks to unstick your atomiser or your top cap, don't hesitate to share them with us! 


Graphite powder, a must! 

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