D-01 Dot Aio Box - SKNKWORX

D-01 Dot Aio Box - SKNKWORX

Box électronique   Electronic box / Chipset DNA60 by Evolv                 Box accu   dna60 big screen

Box puissance   Power : 1 - 60W                                              Box accu   Single battery 18650

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D-01 Dot Aio Box - SKNKWORX

With the Boro Box craze at the end of 2021 and 2022, the place was given way to Dot Mod and its Dot Aio format. There was no qualitative box on this market and such was the observation of the modders at SKNKWORX. After several months of work, the D-01 Box was born.

The benchmark for chipsets, the DNA60 Evolv

The D-01 box is equipped with the DNA60 chipset from Evolv. This chipset is one of the most popular and highest quality on the market.

Depending on the DNA60 chipset mode (power or temperature control) used, the screen displays the following information:

- The set power (in Watts).

- The chosen heating temperature (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit) if you use the temperature control

- The resistance value (in Ohms)

- The battery level

- The voltage delivered by the battery (in Volts)


A qualitative and well thought out box

The D-01 box was developed with the idea of ​​offering a qualitative box for Dot Aio users. The box comes with an integrated drip tip as well as a 510 adapter allowing you to use any 510 drip tip.

The box is equipped with a USB-C port allowing you to charge your box (external charging nevertheless recommended with a suitable charger) and also to connect your box to the Escribe software from Evolv in order to personalize your DNA60 chipset. The USB-C port is more robust than conventional USB and therefore allows for greater durability.

The PMMA magnetic doors have notches on the side that allow you to easily remove the doors and access the battery or your atomizer (not supplied). The front side has a removable switch that you can also customize and the back side has a groove to prevent condensation and which allows you to see the level of liquid.


Compatibility and Personalization

The D-01 box from SKNKWORX is compatible with all the accessories on the market and compatible with the Dot Aio from Dot Mod: Dot Aio RBA, Dot Shell from Atmizoo...

The D-01 has also been designed so that you, the vaper, can personalize your box. Eventually, colored doors, engraved or even switches will be available in order to have the box of your dreams.


Phileas Cloud's opinion

The D-01 box is a box in Dot Aio format which is qualitative and which will delight you with the quality of manufacture, its chipset and its customization options. You have a Dot Aio from Dot Mod and want to evolve, the D-01 from SKNKWORX is made for you.


Technical characteristics of the D-01 SKNKWORX box:

- Electronic box

- Battery size: 18650

-Evolv DNA60 Chipset

- Power: 60W

- Engravings on the body and on the tube

- Fits atomizers up to 25mm in diameter

- Material: Aluminum body and PMMA doors

- Dimension: 82X47.5X24.8mm

- Delivered with integrated black drip tip, 1 drip tip 510 adapter and a spare bag

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