Exode Black Box v1.2 - 3.14 Mods & l'atelier

Exode Box - 3.14 Mods & l'Atelier. This Boro Box has a Dicodes V3 chipset on board. This high-end choice is up to the design and materials used for this Boro Box made in Switzerland. All in a small size appreciable with mastered finishes.

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Exode Boro Box of 3.14 Mods and L’Atelier: The Boro Box made in Switzerland

3.14 and the Atelier join forces for a Boro Box Dicodes V3. The Boro Exodus has minimum dimensions: 51x76x23mm. But don't be fooled, from the choice of chipset to the choice of materials, she's got it all. Compactness and lightness in addition!

Exodus Boro Box: The High-End Collab

To fully understand the value of the Boro Box Exode, it is important to take stock of the quality of the two modders behind the project. 3.14 Mods was illustrated with its famous Ovalis box - already machined by the Atelier - and which made the heyday of bottom feeder enthusiasts. L'Atelier, for its part, has proven its mastery of both machining and design with the Holy Box and the Quake Evo. No wonder these two high-end masters have chosen a high-end chipset for their new box ...

A Boro Box Dicodes V3

This is rare enough to be widely emphasized, The Exode Boro Box from 3.14 Mods and the Workshop is equipped with the German Dicodes v3 chipset. The Dicodes v3 chipset from Dicodes is recognized by vapers as a benchmark chipset. Very reliable, it offers a qualitative vape and remains the most efficient for temperature control. We have been waiting for a long time, and we are not the only ones, for a Dicodes boro box. It's done, and well done!

Precision and finish: Swiss quality

Nothing was left to chance. The body is made of titanium anodized aluminum. This choice gives it lightness but also resistance to wear. An important point for a box that we appreciate and therefore use daily. 

The exode box has 2 PMMA doors. The battery and Boro contacts are 24K gold plated. Everything is done on contact, without glue, only two wires have been placed for the deporting of the switch.


Opinion of the Phileas Cloud team

The design is rigorous, as is the choice of materials and the quality of finish. We expected no less from these two Swiss moders who once again prove their expertise in this area. This exceptional box is also distinguished by the use of the Dicodes chipset, which remains a rarity in the field of Boro Tanks. To be adopted urgently therefore.


Technical characteristics of the Exode Boro Box:

  • Boro Box Manufactured by 3.14 and l'Atelier
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Anodized aluminum titanium
  • Chipset dicodes v3
  • Dimension: 51x76x23
  • Delivered without Boro Tank
  • Door in pmma
  • Contact 24k gold plate
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