Kayfun 5 SE by SvoëMesto

Kayfun 5 SE by SvoëMesto: The Best of Kayfun and much more.

The assets of Kayfun 5 atomiser:

- Atomiser made in Germany

- 5mm shorter (than previous KF 5)

- Easy filling though the Top Cap

- More aerian air flow control

- Eliquid control

- Easy to use

- Easy Maintenance

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Kayfun 5 SE by SvoëMesto: the best of Kayfun in 22 mm size.

The best of Kayfun

SvoëMesto has listened to vapers' suggestions, gone back to the drawing board, and come up with a Kayfun designed to satisfy the expectations of as large a number of vapers as possible.

It is no surprise to find, therefore, that the Kayfun 5 offers a design in keeping with the established Kayfun style, top filling and an e-liquid control in the vein of the Kayfun V4, and the ease of use of the Kayfun Mini V3.

SvoëMesto did not stop at simply reproducing the best features of its previous successes however … far from it in fact.

Simplicity did you say?

Continuing the spirit of the Kayfun Mini V3, SvoêMesto here presents us with an atomiser that is both easy to use everyday and to maintain.

The idea behind it is to offer a high-performance atomiser suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Ease of use

SvoëMesto has made top filling an industry standard feature. This is why the Kayfun V5 also offers this feature, making it convenient to use on a daily basis. To fill the tank you simply unscrew the drip tip and its base. The airflow control has been redesigned. The screw is gone and the airflow is now adjusted by means of a simple ring. Yes, it was definitely time for that change!

Where maintenance is concerned, the Kayfun V5 is made up of just a small number of pieces and can easily be dismantled without the use of tools. The Kayfun 5 atomiser can be cleaned with soap and water, or even an ultrasonic cleaner.

Easy to build

Though the Kayfun Mini V3 set the standard, the Kayfun 5 goes a step further where ease of assembly is concerned. The build deck is very wide and its surface is very comfortable to work on.

Larger sized screws enhance ease of use even further. The positioning of the cotton or fibre wick is a very intuitive process thanks to the deck's raised edges, which have been included for this very reason.

Additionally, the fact the screws are set in channels makes it easy to fit the coil wire and tighten it without risk of it coming free.

The Kayfun 5 comes supplied with a set of longer screws for use with Clapton coil assemblies.

Please note: these particular screws do not screw all the way down into the platform.

Liquid control

As with the Kayfun Mini, the Kayfun 5 gives you full control over the e-liquid flow rate. The open, closed and intermediate positions allow you to adjust the atomiser to the viscosity of the e-liquid you are using without sacrificing vaping comfort. This feature will be much appreciated by those who prefer e-liquids with a high vegetable-derived glycerine content.

Airier airflow

Are Kayfuns not exclusively for those who prefer a tight draw? Not any more!

Many people voiced the need for greater control over the airflow and an airier draw. SvoëMesto has taken this on board.

The Kayfun 5 is equipped with an external airflow control ring that allows you to adjust the airflow the way you prefer it. All you have to do is lift the ring, turn it and set it in the position you require.

1,8mm (Kayfun Lite plus)

2,2mm (Kayfun 4)

2,7mm (Kayfun 4S)

3,2mm (maximum airflow)

A much greater airflow rate offering the possibility of a stronger vape: there are some amongst you who will not have any complaints about that.

Our Team's opinion about the Kayfun 5

The Kayfun V4 and the Kayfun Mini V3 both have their fans. However, they also have their detractors amongst the vaping community. The complexity of the one and the small size of the other are the reasons for this. This fifth model in the series has been designed to please everyone. Simple to use, 22 mm in diameter, 5 ml capacity, airier airflow and top quality vaping: the specification has been fully met … and more. The more intuitive build deck and the possibility of building larger coil assemblies should be enough to convince even the most sceptical and to reassure Kayfun's many fans.

Features of Kayfun 5 atomiser:

- RTA atomiser

- Made by SvoëMesto in Germany

- Diameter: 22mm

- Made of Stainless Steel

- Single coil

- Capacity: 5ml (Pyrex Tank: 4ml)

- External Air Flow Control

- E-liquid control

Kayfun 5 is delivered with:

- 1 SS Tank

- 1 PSU

- 1 Spare parts

- PSU Drip tip

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