Kayfun 5² Special Edition by SvoëMesto

Kayfun 5² SE (Special Edition) by SvoëMesto.

New features of this Special Edition:

- Engraved tank shield with PSU window

- Increased tank volume (7ml by default)

- 810 topcap with PSU driptip


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Many of you still remember their first steps with the Kayfun, the flagship atomizer of SvoëMesto. Even those who did not know this era must have heard of it. Developments, redesigns, small successive changes have allowed the Kayfun to refine over time, to arrive at version 5 as we know it today. The Kayfun 5² has already won over many users. SvoëMesto drives the point home with this steroid-boosted SE version!

A summary of SvoëMesto

The Kayfun 5² SE is the most powerful atomizer in the Kayfun series, combining simplicity, functionality and exceptional flavor.

It contains everything that makes SvoëMesto's reputation, with the latest advances in terms of ease of use.

Liquid control is fully adjustable by rotating the tank. Simple and efficient. The Kayfun 5² SE can be filled from above in seconds. Just as simple, you can access your assembly by removing the tank, whether it is filled or not.

Bigger, taller, stronger!

The plate has been enlarged to more easily adapt to the most complex and most imposing arrangements. While remaining confined in order to make the flavors as relevant as possible. Two large Phillips screws and two notches facilitate mounting and guiding the resistive. Everything is planned to use without worry any type of resistives, from the finest kanthal to the clapton and company. Finally, the interior room is still reduced to the maximum. Coupled with the airflow system, the subohm vape has never been so suitable!

This Kayfun there is cut for a powerful vape, if you wish! At the same time, the adjustable airflow is in line with this platform. The air flow control can be adjusted from the outside and has 3 positions: 3, 3.5 and 4mm. The air intake under the coil has also been revised upwards.

Like the previous models, the Kayfun 5² SE uses only high quality materials. Thanks to its design, cleaning and maintenance can be carried out by dismantling the atomizer into a maximum of five pieces, without any tools.

A Special Edition

Given its name, it's no surprise that the Kayfun 5² takes up the lines of Kayfun 5, its DNA. However, the line, as you can see, is decidedly more sporty. Its 25mm base sets the tone, finished playing. Culminating at 62.5mm in height (without the drip tip), it displays a capacity of 7 ml (!!!).

It is the same feeling of robustness that comes out, and this extraordinary quality of finish. The tank is made of PSU, very resistant. Polysulfones are a family of high performance thermoplastics. These polymers are known for their toughness and their stability at high temperature. They are widely used for medical applications. The drip tip is also in this matter, and (finally!) In 810 format!

The atomizer itself is made of stainless steel and the insulators of PEEK. Everything that has made SvoëMesto successful and its know-how for years is there, amplified to the extreme.

Phileas Cloud's review of the Kayfun 5² SE

All these points provide the essential. A dense and tasty vape, everything you would expect to have when the name Kayfun is mentioned. And obviously, new thing, you can push the watts at will. The Kayfun 5² SE fits in with the times. Its total flexibility and real ease of use once again places it as an essential high-end atomizer. And it is so beautiful!

Technical characteristics of the Kayfun 5² SE:

- Tank atomizer

- Made by SvoëMesto in Germany

- Diameter: 25mm, height 62.5mm

- Made of stainless steel (316L)

- Capacity: 7ml

- Liquid flow control

- Access to the assembly at any time

- External airflow ring: 3, 3.5 and 4mm

- Top filling

- Single coil mounting

The Kayfun 5² SE is delivered with:

- 1 Kayfun 5² SE

- 1 PSU tank + 810 drip tip

- Spare parts

- Manual

- Notice and box

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