Kayfun [LITE] PLUS by SvoëMesto

Kayfun [LITE] PLUS by SvoëMesto. 

 The Kayfun [LITE] PLUS builds upon the strengths of the Kayfun Lite : ease of use, flavor rendering, value for money. And while the MTL bias has been popular among vapers, SvoëMesto takes it one step further and offers a whole new MTL experience with the Kayfun Lite Plus. The Kayfun [LITE] PLUS offers an innovative airflow: the Aerokon Airflow. A significant novelty that deserves some attention. 

Atomiseur saveur   MTL / Flavor atomizer

Atomiseur montage   Single coil

Atomiseur cuve   Juice capacity: 2ml / 3.5ml

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Kayfun [LITE] PLUS by SvoëMesto.

SvoëMesot, the German designer, has been delighting us for many years and is clearly not done making its mark on the history of the rebuildable atomizer and more broadly, on vaping.

The Kayfun [LITE] PLUS provides us with new evidence. And once again, SvoëMesto strikes just the right note: a qualitative atomizer, flavors, and innovation for an even better experience.

The Kayfun [LITE] : The standard for atomizers

The Kayfun [LITE] has proven itself over the months to be one of the best MTL atomizers on the market. With a 22 or 24mm diameter, the Kayfun Lite has been adapted to the different boxes on the market today. How did the Kayfun Lite manage to appeal to so many vapers?

First of all, the Kayfun [LITE] is easy to use. Mounting is made easier by the presence of tabs that surround the screw to prevent the resistance wire from falling out. The tabs also make it possible to return the resistance wire and cut it cleanly to prevent any short circuit. Filling is easy - in three steps. Finally, the atomizer is composed of few parts which to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Next, Kayfun [LITE] is in the category of MTL (Mouth To Lung) atomizers. It therefore offers a tight draw and indirect inhalation in two stages (closer to the smoker's habits, less aggressive than direct inhalation with high nicotine levels). The flavor effect is excellent and the consumption of e-liquid is reduced.

Finally, the Kayfun [LITE] offers excellent value for money. Because it is manufactured and assembled in Germany, it cannot compete with the entry-level prices of Chinese-made atomizers. But its price is very reasonable considering the qualities of the finish, the choice of materials, and the robustness of the product. Especially since SvoëMesto offers a multitude of spare parts to maintain its atomizer. A great investment for vapers.

Kayfun [LITE] PLUS: A new MTL experience

The Kayfun [LITE] PLUS builds upon the strengths of the Kayfun Lite which were already mentioned: ease of use, flavor rendering, value for money. Like its predecessor, the Kayfun Lite Plus is available in a 22mm or 24mm diameter. It is therefore possible to choose the size that best suits your Mod. Beyond the strictly aesthetic aspect, note that the e-liquid content varies from 2 ml (22 mm) to 3.5 ml (24 mm).

And while the MTL bias has been popular among vapers, SvoëMesto takes it one step further and offers a whole new MTL experience with the Kayfun Lite Plus. The Kayfun [LITE] PLUS offers an innovative airflow: the Aerokon Airflow. A significant novelty that deserves some attention.

An innovative airflow system: AEROKON AIRFLOW

This new opus offers real innovation in terms of airflow: the Aerokon system. The AEROKON Airflow Control is the first system for MTL tank atomizers that restricts the air flow directly under the resistance (coil) rather than at the air inlet. This leads to faster air flow and more even distribution of the air around the coil. A better, denser, and more flavorful vape!

Note that on this system, the 510 connector is sealed - this prevents leakage through the 510 stud. 

An MTL atomizer +

SvoëMesto takes another step towards MTL with this MTL + atomizer. The mounting platform has been dimensioned to adapt again to the needs of the MTL. The air outlet on the plate is dimensioned accordingly and is adaptable as we saw in the previous paragraph (Aerokon airflow). The atomization chamber is reduced to the maximum as usual. The vapor is in fact very dense, even at low power levels. A small point for users of others such as the Kayfun Prime - the steam is hotter, because of the very small size of the atomizer. A real plus for enjoying gourmet liquids!  If you are particularly fond of pure MTL atomizers such as the Dwarv, you will be delighted. The Aerokon Airflow provides real added value: both vapor saturation and flavor rendering are optimized. 

A complete package 

This Kayfun [LITE] PLUS is a complete package: atomizer, spare (gaskets and screws), dome, MTL drip tip or PSU tank. The Dome+ version allows your Kayfun Lite Plus to be upgraded from 2 ml to 5 ml. At a time when options or other spare parts often quickly add up, all these included items are very much appreciated. Please note that Kayfun Lite accessories are compatible with this Lite Plus version. You can therefore customize your atomizer at your convenience.

Exceptional manufacturing quality

The success of SvoëMesto atomizers is also due to their ingenious design, robustness, and quality of finish. The tank is made of heavy-duty PSU. Polysulfones (PSU) are a family of high performance thermoplastics. These polymers are known for their strength and stability at high temperatures. They are widely used for medical applications. The many benefits for a safer vape:

- temperature stability
- chemical resistance
- Sustainability
- Biocompatible
- Physiologically flawless

The atomizer itself is made of stainless steel and the insulators of PEEK and POM-C. Everything that has led to SvoëMesto's success and expertise over the years, without compromise: quality, performance and safety.

Phileas Cloud's opinion on the Kayfun [LITE] PLUS

SvoëMesto gave its Letters of Nobility to the MTL in addition to offering us a new experience. If you are looking for an atomizer with a tight draft, low liquid consumption, and excellent manufacturing quality, look no further! SvoëMesto brings back its recipe for success by continuing to provide developments and innovations - at Phileas Cloud, we appreciate it. This Kayfun [LITE] PLUS is a real success for MTL fans and those who haven't tried it yet! 

Technical features Kayfun [LITE]:

- Tank atomizer

- Made by SvoëMesto in Germany

- Diameter : 22 or 24mm

- Height : 33mm without drip tip

- Engraved drip tip

- Material : stainless steel

- Capacity : 2ml for 22mm, 3.5ml for 24mm

- Access to the deck at any time

- Adjustable airflow :  0 to 1.8mm

- Single Coil build

The Kayfun [LITE] is delivered with :

- 1 Kayfun [LITE] with PEI tank

- 1 spare kit

- 1 user guide

- 1 engraved drip tip
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