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Kayfun X MTL RTA - SvoëMesto

Atomiseur saveur   MTL / Flavor Atomizer

Atomiseur montage   Single Coil 

Atomiseur cuve   Eliquid capacity: 4ml (diameter : 24mm)

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Kayfun X MTL RTA - SvoëMesto


SvoëMesto, the benchmark in the design and manufacture of rebuildable tank atomizers, is back on the scene with a brand new release: the Kayfun X. With a very precise airflow adjustment and a brand new filling system, this Kayfun X keeps its promises: a top-of-the-range and easy-to-use rebuildable atomizer that gives pride of place to flavours.


An easy-to-use flavour atomizer

Kayfun atomizers stand out for their excellent flavour rendering. Indeed, its dome-shaped atomisation chamber is narrow for effective densification of flavours. This flavour rendering is further optimised by a tight drawdown which places the Kayfun X in the category of MTL or "Mouth To Lung" flavour atomisers.

The Kayfun X is suitable for both experts and beginners. A brand name of the famous German manufacturer, its assembly is very easy thanks to a fixing system on two studs and a channel to guide the wire. In addition, leakage problems are avoided thanks to a clever filling system and a sealed 510 connection. Finally, the Kayfun X is very economical with e-liquids - a plus point for all vapers.


New filling system

With a brand new filling system, the Kayfun X has been developed to make your life easier.

Once the Kayfun X is mounted on your box or mod tube, simply pull the top of the atomizer. The base of the atomizer lifts up and closes the liquid flow from the inside. The ring at the top of the atomizer then unlocks the filling system. This process happens seamlessly without any further fiddling. You then only have to push on the letter X (located on the ring) to fill your Kayfun X. Just press down to close and you are ready to enjoy your Kayfun atomizer.

Do you use a Side by Side box? The filling system can be rotated (using the X marker) to the desired position. Note that the fill hole is extremely large and will fit most e-liquid bottle tips.


An innovative airflow system: AEROKON AIRFLOW

With the release of the latest Kayfun Lite Plus, we have introduced a very innovative airflow control: the Aerokon Airflow Control.

The AEROKON Airflow Control is the first system for MTL tank atomizers that restricts the airflow directly under the coil rather than at the air inlet. This results in faster airflow and more even distribution around the coil. A better, denser and tastier vape! The Aerokon airflow system on the Kayfun X is the most accurate on the market today, offering airflow adjustment between 0 and 1.8mm.


Made in Germany, built to last

If the success of the SvoëMesto atomizers is undeniable, it is also because, in addition to an ingenious design, the atomizers offer both robustness and quality of finish.

All Kayfun atomizers are made in Stuttgart, Germany from stainless steel. In addition, in this throwaway era, SvoëMesto has distinguished itself by offering a wide range of spare parts to extend the life of the atomizer. You don't throw away a Kayfun atomizer, you repair it. And that's good, because you get attached to them!


Phileas Cloud's opinion on the Kayfun X

SvoëMesto has got us used to excellence in the field of MTL atomizers and the previous releases have all become benchmarks in this category. The Kayfun X will certainly be no exception, retaining the very precise airflow control and providing additional convenience in filling. With its easy assembly and optimal flavour rendering, it is more than ever aimed at beginners and experts looking for equipment that is premium in every respect and designed to last.


Technical Features of Kayfun X RTA :

- Tank Atomizer

- Manufactured by SvoëMesto in Germany

- Diameter : 24mm

- Height (whithout 510) : 44mm without drip tip and 58mm with drip tip

- Made in Stainless Steel

- Eliquid Capacity : 4ml

- Access to the built at anytime

- Airflow Aerokon : from 0 to 1,8mm

- Single Coil


The Kayfun X RTA by SvoëMesto is delivered with :

- 1 Kayfun X

- 1 Drip Tip MTL SS

- 1 spare kit

- 1 user guide

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