Kuma RTA - Ennequadro Mods

Kuma RTA - Ennequadro Mods

Atomiseur saveur   MTL / DL Atomiseur Saveur

Atomiseur montage   Simple Coil                 Atomiseur cuve   Capacité eliquide: 4,5ml

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Kuma RTA - Ennequadro Mods

The Kuma RTA rebuildable atomizer is made in Italy by Ennequadro Mods. This MTL bottom-coil tank atomizer has a high-end finish and has more than one asset to convince you.

The Italian High End

The Kuma RTA atomizer is made in Italy by Ennequadro mods. It is machined from SS316L stainless steel. Ennequadro Mods is a demanding vaper and this shows in the quality of finish of its mods and atomizers.

An all day atomizer

The Kuma RTA is an MTL atomizer (indirect inhalation) with a soft and pleasant vape. Its mounting plate is also very easy to use and very practical on a daily basis. Its capacity of 4.5ml is also sufficient to hold a good time.
The Kuma RTA rebuildable atomizer has a reduced size: 22 mm diameter and only 34 mm in height. Filling it from below is quick and easy.

A versatile atomizer

This rebuildable Kuma RTA atomizer comes with many accessories so that it adapts to your style of vape. No less than 8 airflow pins (airflow) are included as well as 3 different bells (atomization chamber). Depending on the bell used, the aromas of the same e-liquid will bring you a different vaping experience.
The Kuma RTA can be used in single or double airflow which will bring it, depending on your tastes, a smoother or more punchy vape. Different airflow pins are also available to find the one that suits you.
Different bells come with this rebuildable. The 45° bell allows the sweet notes of a fruity or gourmet e-liquid to stand out. While the "Stairs" bell ensures a finer balance of aromas. Finally, the standard bell, meanwhile, will bring out the darker notes of gourmet tobacco liquids.


Technical specifications of the Kuma RTA from Ennequadro mods:

- Rebuildable MTL atomizer

- 4.5ml capacity

- PMMA tank

- Customizable airflow pin

- Usable in single or dual airflow

- 22mm diameter

- 34mm height


The Kuma RTA comes with:
- 1 Kuma RTA (standard bell pre-installed)

- 1 Bell 45°

- 1 Bell "Stairs"

- 1 Kuma RTA stainless steel drip-tip

- 8 Airflow pin: 0.9 mm (pre-installed), 1mm , 1.2mm or 1.4mm (2 of each)

- 1 Spare kit

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