Le Turbo by Vaponaute

Vaponaute has brilliantly succeeded his landing at home with Le Turbo, dripper elected "Best atomiser of the Show" at Vapexpo Paris 2019. A distinctive design, an ultra-adjustable airflow and a full of finesse flavor rendering: a dripper made in France to adopt.

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This is Le Turbo, the latest from the French designer. For those who have never heard of the Zeppelin, Magister, Mirage, Concorde or Supersonic, it's high time to discover Vaponaute, French manufacturer and designer combining elegance and creativity for many years. For others, discover their latest gear!

Elegance by Vaponaute

Externally, you can easily see it in our photos, the marriage of steel and ultem, the work on opacity and transparency make a precise idea of elegance according to Vaponaute. Made from Ultem, very clean, and stainless steel (SS316L), the line is classic and efficient. All we are looking for a dripper, a tool on a daily basis. Its size, 22 mm in diameter, for 23,5mm height (excluding drip tip, not supplied) gives a good balance to your set-up. The base takes the name "Vaponaute, Paris", the "Made in France", the name of the atomizer and its serial number.

(Very) adjustable airflow

It is during the dismantling that we remain astonished of the atirail deployed by the Turbo to produce its steam. At first, by removing the airflow adjustment ring, the revealing body is entirely made of Ultem. It is rare to see a piece in ultem as finely worked. It contains the secret of airflow tuning. There are no less than seven (!!) positions:

- oblong de 2 mm x 5 mm
- 3 holes of 1,5 mm
- 2 holes of 1,5 mm
- 1 hole of 1,5 mm
- 3 holes of 1,2 mm
- 2 holes of 1.,2 mm
- 1 hole of 1,2 mm

Add to that the outer ring that allows a second level of adjustment, and you will find your happiness with this adjustment ultra precise. So we go from an open draw to something very restrictive, without loss in passing. Very well done. Equipped with a classic pine, you can also make it shine Bottom feeder (including pin, tool clamping too).

Full of finesse flavor rendering

By removing the body ultem, the real surprise is really showing. The design of the turbo is dreamy. Forget what you've seen, look quietly, and think about it. The two poles that we cherish so much, we vapers, are there. But in the other direction. The base of the turbo serves as a negative pole on the one hand, and receptacle for cotton and juice. Always prioritize cottons with good capillarity! A central, hollow chimney will allow the steam to rise. And the positive pole is therefore on the upper part. Everything is well insulated, no risk of short circuit. You can thus mount your coils by choosing one hand its position with respect to the airflow or the chimney, and play on the size of the coil by bringing the axis which turns on itself before final blocking. Everything is well assembled, the joints stack properly. All of these elements bring fresh blood to our "atomization chamber" design. Instead of playing the card of the smallest possible, bringing extreme saturation, we see here a desire to spin the steam around the central chimney, before plunging towards the drip tip. A very soft rendering, less hot than other dripper, but bringing a delicacy.

Phileas Cloud's opinion

Originality, possibilities, everything is present to bring a breath of fresh air on the current production of Dripper. A distinctive design, an ultra-adjustable airflow and a full of finesse flavor rendering: a dripper made in France to adopt.

Technical features of Turbo by Vapnonaute:

- Dripper atomiser

- Made by Vaponaute

- Made in France

- Diameter : 22mm

- Height : 23,5mm (without drip-tip, not included)

- BF Pin (included)

Le Turbo by Vaponaute is delivered with :

- A Pouch

- Spares and tools

- BF Pin


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