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LV-21700 Bottom Feeder box

Box électronique   Mosfet Bomber Pro                           Box accu   Single battery 21700

Box puissance  Bottom Feeder

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LV-21700 Bottom Feeder box

Bottom feeding device with a one-piece body. Ergonomic and compact, 21700 size!

- 21700 battery 

- Bomber Pro chipset by Omegavaper

- 3D printed body, black color

- engraved steel plates with SunBox logo and LV-426 motto

- silver contacts for best power conduction

- Rapido catch cup with silver plated adjustable pin (Allen key included)

- Cappy V5 Pro

- height: 92mm

- maximum atty size: 22mm


Please install one of the included o-rings on the catch cup to: 

- avoid scratches 
- prevent the atty stuck on the base
- avoid dangerous high pressure on the pin
- seal the atty base and avoid issues with leaking atties
- give more stability to inaccurate threaded atties 


Bomber Pro Features: 

- 3 click: on/off or 5 click: stealth mode

- short protection / low battery warning 

- cut-off protection

- puff time protection

- reverse battery protection


Adjust the pin height with the included Allen key before installing the atomizer.


Please download the product data sheet (you can see it under the price, "data sheet") to get a digital copy of the user manual. 

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