Prisma Classic DNA75C Box by Elcigart

Prisma DNA75C Box by Elcigart

The Prisma DNA75C has a small size. It works with a 18650 battery. It is easy to transport and is perfectly suited for daily use.

Box électronique   Electronic box / Chipset DNA75C by Evolv                                      Box accu  18650 battery

Box puissance   Power : 1 - 75W

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Prisma DNA75C Box by Elcigart

The good old days of electronic boxes seem to be gone. Lost sight of during hurricane BF, reliable and high-performance boxes are becoming rarer on the market. Few are the ones that our team is enthusiastic about and yet they meet a real need on the market. That's why we took an interest in the Prisma: this small Greek box meets the specifications perfectly.

A small box

The Prisma DNA75C has a small size. It works with a 18650 battery (not included). It is easy to transport and perfectly suited for daily use.

At a time when MTL atomizers are making a strong comeback, the Prisma finds its place perfectly in this landscape: 77.5 mm high, 45 wide and 25 deep. In other words, your atomizers with 22, 23, 24 or even 25mm diameters will perfectly fit.

Elcigart has also conditioned us to quality work and proves it again with the Prisma DNA75C. The body of the box is made of delrin, the frame and the tube in Brass coated with cerakote. Equipped with a classic 510 connection, it also has a serial number and an engraving.

Made in Greece, it honors its name "Prisma" with elegant and ergonomic lines. To sum up, the Prisma is attractive and qualitative. Now let's see what is hidden under its beautiful curves...

The good vape

The Prisma DNA75C electro box is equipped, as its name suggests, with the DNA75C by Evolv chipset, the latest variation to date.

If the chipset pleases by its graphic interface, it also convinces thanks to the numerous possibilities it offers (PreHeat Mode, Temp Control Mode...). The chipset is always fully configurable via the EScribe software - an individuality and scalability that makes it stand out from the crowd.

By incorporating an Evolv DNA75C Chipset, the Prisma perfectly combines performance and reliability. The chipset ensures a smooth surface and offers up to 75W of power - something many users will love!

Phileas Cloud's opinion

ElCigart offers here the box we were missing: compact, qualitative and efficient. The Chipset DNA75C by Evolv is a real plus and ensures reliability and quality of vape. The Prisma stands out in many ways from its competitors and should satisfy those vaper's who, like us, are looking for a beautiful, reliable and high-performance DNA box.

Technical specifications of the Prisma DNA75C:

DNA75C Chipset by Evolv

18650 Battery

Delrin Body

Brass Up Plate with Cerakote Painting

Brass Bottom Plate with Cerakote Painting

Brass Tube with Cerakote Painting

SS 510 Connector

Engraved Logo

Hight : 77.50mm Width : 45.00mm Depth : 25.00mm

Included Tool for Battery Cap Packaging Included


Made in Greece


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