Staggered Coil MTL/DLR - Arka Coil

Staggered Coil MTL/DLR - Arka Coil

You are looking for quality resistors for your assemblies, do not go further with the coils of the French builder Arka coil.

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Whether you are new to rebuilding or have been in it for several years, Arka Coil coils are your best ally for ease of assembly and rendering of flavors, whether you are vaping gourmet or fruity e-liquids.

The staggered coil is composed of 2 full ni80 cores placed on a 2.5mm axis and 5 Flat turns. Ideal for your tight-draft and semi-aerial atomizers.

Its staggered design allows it to restore maximum flavor without overheating. Ideal for assemblies on small trays.

Ideal power range: 12-18 Watts in single coil

Sold in pairs.

Perfect for a restrictive DL vape and or MTL.

Sold in pairs. Available in 0.8 or 0.95 ohm.

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