Kayfun Mini V3 by SvoëMesto

Kayfun Mini V3 by SvoëMesto : the Mini version of the famous atomizer Kayfun V4. Made for beginners as well as experts, the Kayfun Mini V3 was made to make it easy for you to have the best vaping experience possible. 

Kayfun Mini V3 assets :

  • -Made in Germany
  • -High quality materials
  • -Easy to use
  • -Excellent flavour atomizer
  • -Easy maintenance

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Kayfun Mini V3 by SvoëMesto: Kayfun V4 little brother was long awaited. Svoëmesto comes back to the fundamentals with this simple and powerful atomizer that will suit all vaping enthusiasts. 

The Kayfun comes back (only smaller)

After the Kayfun Mini v2.1 was out of stock, the Kayfun addicts were missing a reliable, compact and powerful atomizer.  After months of work, Svoëmesto changes direction and brings us an accessible product. If you are not an engineer, that’s ok. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in rebuildable, this atomizer was made for you. 

Easy peasy to build

A rebuildable atomizer, both accessible and easy to use. 

How come ? Because it is optimised for a single coil assembly and the structure around the base makes it intuitive to place the cotton. 

Your atomizer maintenance

Kayfun V4 was made of 41 pieces. Now the Kayfun Mini v3 is made of …5 pieces. Easily removable, without using any tools, the atomizer Kayfun Mini V3 can be cleaned up with water and soap or using an ultrasound tank. 

The team’s opinion about the Kayfun Mini V3

The kayfun Mini V3 is indisputably a serious candidate for vapers willing to convert to rebuildable atomizers without getting any headache. He won’t disappoint Kayfun fans either thanks to its simplicity and incredible quality. It will match perfectly with all the box mods on the market as well as the famous ego one.

Technical features of Kayfun Mini V3 :

- Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

- Made in Germany by SvoëMesto

- E-liquid flow control

- Filled from the top

- Pyrex tank

- Easy access to the build

- Easy maintenance

- Serial number

- Diameter : 19mm

- Height : 58mm sans drip tip

- Tank capacity : 2ml

- Airflow: 2mm 

Kayfun Mini V3 is delivered with spare parts and a screwdriver.



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