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Mechanical Mod 18650 SS-Morta by Lauransot Mod : a unique mechanical mod designed and made in France in stainless steel and morta wood. We appreciate its manufacturing quality, the use of exceptional wood and the unique character of each piece produced.

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Mod 18650 SS-Morta - Lauransot Mod

It had been a long time since Phileas had welcomed a new French modder. And for good reason, the bird is becoming rare! Lauransot Mod, however, discreetly but surely, traces its furrow in the small world of artisan modders - thanks to his meticulous work and his love for exceptional materials. Two essential qualities in the high-end vape to which we are sensitive, at Phileas.


A unique piece

Each piece produced by Lauransot Mod is a unique mod. Of course, this uniqueness is inherent in craftsmanship. But this deserves to be underlined for two reasons. On the one hand, uniqueness is not just about details. Indeed, each Mod is machined by hand, without numerical control. It also has its own switch - proprietary and not interchangeable with a switch from the same range. On the other hand, the singular object, the unique piece, is very rare in the world of vaping. In these days of large series and mass production, "one piece and that's it" is rare and appreciated.

Morta: an exceptional material

Morta (dead wood) is a Brière word designating a wood in the process of fossilization that is found underground in the Brière regional natural park. For the record, an oak forest present more than 5000 years ago has been swallowed up and protected by peat. This allowed the trunks to mineralize all these years. Two kinds of Morta are found in Brière, red (Birch) and black (Oak). The color, more or less dark, indicates the age of the wood. The morta used on these mods is the 6,000 and 8,000 years old black (oak) morta.


High-end design

The rest of the materials, although more classic, are not to be outdone. The inner tube and the switch are completely made of brass. The switch spring, meanwhile, is silver plated for optimal conductivity. The tube, finally, is covered with a stainless steel ring by a process of turning and… of morta (but that, you already know that). A Mod of this range is pampered. To do this, do not hesitate to refer to our short guide, a little further down.

Phileas Cloud's review

Lauransot Mod gives his Letters of Nobility to the high-end vape. No snobbery and unnecessary hype here. Only a job well done, exceptional materials for a unique piece every time.



Technical characteristics of the 18650 SS-Morta from Lauransot Mod:

- Mechanical Mod

- Manufactured by Lauransot Mod

- Made in France

- Materials used: Brass (internal tube and switch), Stainless steel and morta wood (tube), silver plated (switch spring)

- 18650 format

- Diameter: 22mm or 24mm

- Height: 85mm


Maintenance tips for your mechanical mod:

It is advisable to maintain your mechanical mod on a monthly basis. To ensure that your mod works properly, we recommend that you opt for cleaning the following parts:

  • Unscrew the hybrid top cap as well as the switch
  • Clean with a toothbrush (for example) the different threads
  • Press the switch and remove the O-ring to disassemble the switch
  • Clean the different parts always with a small brush and check the condition of the spring

Then reassemble your switch and you're good to go!

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